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“Her playing impressed me with fierce personality, brilliant virtuosity, and above all, her original, distinctive attitude and individual approach. She plays with natural, convincing feel and understanding”

R.A.Ostrovsky, Professor at Moscow Conservatory


“She strokes the keys of the grand piano, playing the well-known Allegro Affettuoso of Schumann Piano Concerto with a pearly sound […] Santi plays the demanding piece with passion”

Kleine Zeitung Graz

“The performance of the Italian pianist Margherita Santi was impressive – with depth and creativity in the musical will […] She followed an etude by Rachmaninoff with a lively sparkling, subliminally grotesque march. An enthusiastic audience thanked her with a standing ovation.”


“A young italian excellence”

Tv Rai Parlamento

During the break rises the tension for the Schumann Piano Concerto by Margherita Santi. She exceeds the expectations of listeners and announces Schumann’s Arabesque encore with a smile. At the end of the ovation the organizer and first violin comments to the audience “for this music you can not find the words”

Kleine Zeitung Graz

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