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Momento Musica – piano

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Momento Musica is an online piano course for those who love classical music and the world of art. But not only! Through practicing and learning about an instrument, the individual develops self consciousness, concentration, and brings beauty in the everyday life.

Different courses are available, with different targets. Every age and level is very welcome: the presence of a parent in case of a child is very reccomended.

It is always possibile to book a single lesson/masterclass or planning for a wider package of lessons. Visit my page:

The course includes:

  • A professional advice via mail to tailor the course on your needs
  • 4 hours of lesson (60 minutes), circa 1 month. Kids lessons are of 45 minutes.
  • A pdf with the lesson’s notes after each lesson.
  • A personalized Ebook after the course, with all the contents
  • The possibility to contact the teacher in case of need

You study at Conservatory, Music School or Academy

The course will be very useful to help you in a repertoire of your choice. It can be really supportive when you have to prepare for an exam, concert, auditions and so on.

You are an amateur

The course Momento Musica wants to help you improving your beloved pieces and to make you more independent in practicing and learning new pieces.

You are a child at the beginning

The course Momento Musica will give you the basis to begin the piano learning. Since the course is online, is recommended to already have some knowledges about the correct position at the piano. Parental presence is very welcome.



The online piano course Momento Musica will give the tools to the pupil to become more and more independent from the teacher and develop a self consciousness to practice new pieces and repertoire and to master the older ones.

Not only Music

Playing an instrument and improving day by day makes you develop the focus abilities and concentration and it contributes to the daily well-being. The making of music helps the inner balance and gives you a space for yourself and to express your creativity.


The online piano course Momento Musica is tailored on you: if you have to prepare for a concert, an exam, playing for your self, or creating the basis of piano playing, the course will be helpful to you.


The course is completely online. Lessons will be held via Zoom or Skype.

Margherita Santi

pianist & tutor




We share music,

we create beauty.